Michael Day Named Co-Chair of the BBA’s Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Committee

The Boston Bar Association recently announced that Michael S. Day, a partner at Torres, Scammon & Michael DayDay, LLP, has been named Co-Chair of the BBA’s Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Committee.Day joins returning Co-Chair Angela C. McConney Scheepers, a Magistrate at the Commonwealth’s Division of Administrative Law Appeals.

The Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Section addresses all types of civil rights issues such as the right to vote, affirmative action and same-sex marriage. It also addresses civil liberties concerns like the right to privacy, the balance between liberty and security, and freedom of speech.The BBA continues to be a beacon for fair and equal treatment under the law for every citizen, and its Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Committee is at the forefront of that tradition.

Day is a founding partner of TS&D, a boutique litigation firm located in the heart of Boston’s historic downtown area. The firm is comprised of seasoned and aggressive litigators who offer their clients legal expertise in a variety of areas at a fraction of the cost of comparable legal services. Day represents individuals and businesses in all manner of civil and criminal matters, from complex business disputes to defamation claims to employment counseling and litigation.

Learn more about the Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Committee and the BBA here: http://www.bostonbar.org/sections/civil-rights-civil-liberties